Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has unveiled government intentions to enforce a requirement for all road construction projects in major cities to include pathways for non-motorized transportation (NMT). Speaking at the 27th World Road Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, Murkomen revealed that Kenya has embraced a national transport policy that will facilitate this initiative. He explained that the policy is in its final stages awaiting parliamentary approval.

Furthermore, he emphasized that parliament is in the process of establishing regulations to mandate the inclusion of NMT facilities in urban road projects. According to Murkomen, a private members bill is under consideration to make it compulsory for all future urban road constructions to feature NMT provisions, including dedicated cycling lanes.

Murkomen highlighted ongoing efforts by road agencies to retrofit roads for NMT usage wherever feasible. He pointed out that cyclists and pedestrians currently share limited space with motorbikes, and to address this, the government is actively constructing cycling bridges in specific urban areas. Strict penalties are also being contemplated for individuals who disregard the designated cycling and walking paths.

In addition to these developments, the 27th World Road Congress will center its discussions on mobility and infrastructure, including emerging topics like electromobility, autonomous vehicles, and the industry’s commitment to carbon neutrality. The summit aims to engage the general public, particularly the youth, and promote awareness of safety concerns in the realm of transportation.

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