Police in Moyale, Marsabit Area, have seized 500 kilograms of bhang with an expected road worth of Ksh.10 million accepted to have been bound for Nairobi.

The controlled substance was found on board a trailer along Kate region in Moyale by criminal investigators who got word that the vehicle had been left inside a brush, away from meddlesome eyes.

“Getting the ball rolling, the law implementers hurried to where a trailer stacked with 99 bundles of the unlawful medication assessed at a road worth of Ksh.10M was captured and the freight seized,” the Directorate of Criminal Examinations (DCI) said in a proclamation.

The DCI added that the trailer’s driver, Charles Bosire, was likewise captured yet after a firearm fight supposedly followed among police and two of his associates.

“Two thought associates arose riding on a cruiser while terminating frenziedly at the officials. Justifiably, the officials fought back constraining the attackers to escape,” said the DCI.

Bosire was apparently shot in the midsection during the scuffle however has since been hurried to Moyale clinic for treatment.

“As he recovers in front of his arraignment for negating against opiate regulations, the recuperations have been handled and gotten as displays,” said the DCI.

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