Kenyan-Israeli singer Gilad Millo shared that his son and daughter have joined the Israel Defense Forces to combat Hamas fighters following a deadly attack that claimed the lives of over 1,000 Israelis. In a social media post, Gilad praised his son, Omer, for interrupting his vacation in Nicaragua to stand alongside his fellow citizens in defending their country against Hamas.

Gilad also disclosed that his daughter, Lia, has been involved in training paramedics and doctors participating in IDF operations, as she is a trained Israeli soldier.

Early today, our son Omer arrived in Israel to join his paratrooper unit as a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces. Omer, who had completed his army service over a year ago, was in Nicaragua when Hamas terrorists tragically killed over 1,300 innocent Israelis on October 7th. Despite numerous flight cancellations, he managed to return to Israel. His sister Lia, who serves in the IDF, welcomed him at the airport and has been tirelessly preparing combat medical teams for active duty since the terrible events on Saturday.

Both of our children were raised in Kenya but decided to serve in the Israeli army out of a strong sense of duty. They, like their friends, have also experienced the loss of people they know in these dreadful attacks.

Gilad expressed his pride in his children for defending their country of origin.

Gilad arrived in Kenya 21 years ago while working at the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi, where he developed a deep attachment to the country. He ventured into music and gained popularity with one hit after another. Six years ago, he applied for Kenyan citizenship and was granted it earlier this year.

Israel has initiated multiple airstrikes in the Gaza Strip after Hamas fighters breached its borders, resulting in numerous casualties and hostages. Israel has also issued warnings to Palestinians in Gaza, urging them to evacuate as it plans a ground invasion to address the Hamas threat.

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