Nelly Oaks has responded to allegations circulating in gossip reports regarding his involvement in a Karen nightclub, refuting claims of exploiting staff and failing to pay their salaries.

On Thursday night, a well-known Instagram gossip channel published accusations from employees at the newly-opened 727 restaurant, suggesting misconduct and staff exploitation by the reserved businessman and internet personality.

The outlet’s post stated, “Akothee’s former partner, Nelly Oaks, has been exposed by his 727 restaurant and bar staff for mismanagement, staff exploitation, and non-payment of salaries.”

However, Nelly Oaks released a statement through Citizen Digital in which he distanced himself from any wrongdoing. He clarified that he was not the actual owner of the establishment and had severed all business ties with it at least three weeks prior.

“I have no formal connection with 727 Bar and Restaurants or its previous owners. I only joined as a marketing consultant when the investment opportunity was presented. However, the establishment did not align with my brand standards, and I have no contractual obligations to its employees,” he stated.

Nelly’s statement continued to assert that he had not personally interacted with any of the restaurant’s employees and was only aware of a recent break-in incident that occurred after he had disassociated himself from the establishment.

“I did not conduct any interviews. I disassociate myself from any formal management or mismanagement. What I can confirm is that there was a reported break-in incident last week, which occurred after I terminated my involvement,” he added.

In a subsequent conversation with the same writer, Nelly reiterated that he had no ongoing agreements with the establishment and explained that he had declined their offer after careful consideration.

“There is a misunderstanding that I am the owner of the establishment, which is not the case. I do not personally know any of the disgruntled employees. The management of the establishment approached me for a partnership, which I declined after thorough evaluation. In fact, I have not been associated with the premises for nearly a month now,” he clarified.

Nelly Oaks, a shrewd entrepreneur with numerous businesses in Nairobi and Mombasa, recently featured as a prominent guest at the launch of Akothee’s daughter’s exclusive club in upscale Nairobi.

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