A 43-year-old traditional healer from Namasengere village in Uganda’s Mukono District recently gained widespread attention by meeting the parents of his seven prospective wives within just a week.

Habib Nsikonnene took it a step further by marrying all seven of his fiancées, including two sisters, on the same day through elaborate traditional Muslim weddings (known as Nikkah), with each ceremony held at the respective bride’s home.

Nsikonnene, described as financially well-off by local standards, then hosted a grand reception ceremony at his home on a Sunday, attended by all seven wives along with their friends and family, before moving in with his newlywed spouses.

According to local residents, Nsikonnene’s wedding procession included around 40 vehicles and 30 motorcycles, reflecting the prosperity of his business ventures.

In the eyes of the local community, Nsikonnene has become somewhat of a local hero for putting their remote village on the map.

Emmanuel Owere, the chairperson of Namasengere Village, commented on Nsikonnene’s impact, saying, “This man with exceptional qualities settled in our village approximately four years ago. He purchased land here and introduced himself as a traditional healer. We allowed him to practice his profession.”

“When he first came here, we had no idea that he would bring such fame to our village. Our village name is now known far and wide,” Owere added.

Owere is now considering naming a road in the area after Nsikonnene and praised him for being a hardworking individual who mingles with people from all walks of life, setting an example for the local community to follow.

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