President William Ruto has affirmed the government’s dedication to building 20,000 residences within Bungoma County as part of the affordable housing initiative. Ruto, in his capacity as head of state, emphasized that this endeavor would also generate employment prospects for approximately 40,000 young individuals in Bungoma.

In his statement, Ruto expressed the government’s commitment to constructing 20,000 cost-effective homes in Bungoma, estimating that this undertaking would necessitate the engagement of around 30,000 to 40,000 youths. He also assured the community that each ward would be equipped with information and communication technology hubs, enhancing internet accessibility and thereby creating opportunities for digital employment.

Additionally, Ruto pledged to eradicate groups that exploit local farmers through extortion. Moreover, he addressed the matter of market infrastructure, outlining plans for the establishment of ten new markets in Bungoma to facilitate trade activities.

Furthermore, in a bid to enhance trade efficiency, Ruto made a commitment to both initiate and finalize the construction of roads throughout Bungoma.

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